Mailing actions: Registration
Individuals may register with various R-Tech/EU-VRi services. All such registrations are kept centrally as a single record and are used to build a composite profile of the user and their requirements in order that we can design and deliver services that are relevant and avoid unwanted communications.


Registered users have password protected direct Web access to their profile and are able to enhance or edit it, to cancel their registration, or to request "un-subscription" from specific services. Our Help Desk is provided to deal with other user enquiries or problems, and the contact details of the Help Desk are provided on every automated communication.

The Publications Office will take all reasonable steps to protect the privacy of registered users. It will not release any individual user details to third parties. Should the legal mandate for its actions cease, the Publications Office will erase the data or will seek the permission of the registered users, on an individual basis, for whatever alternative action is proposed. Contractors operating information services on behalf of the Publications Office are legally bound by confidentiality clauses.