Vce Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GMBH (VCE)

VCE is an independent, high tech and development oriented consulting firm with its head office in Austria (203 employees, 18% RTD). The company operates in three principal lines of business:

  • the building and industrial sector (general design and management as well as process development and technological expertise)
  • and the development sector (from research and development to feasibility and environmental studies, financial engineering, to development aid).
  • the transportation sector, infrastructures in general, particular bridges, tunnels and railways
VCE has major operations in Austria, Taiwan, Korea, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. To date, over 2200 contracts have been successfully completed in 62 countries world-wide with larger, more exciting projects currently underway. The key personnel at VCE consist of experts in many highly specialized fields with long experience records. Close cooperation by the firm with major European and overseas universities provides additional expertise to the company when required. VCE has a proud heritage. The firm was founded by Professor K. Wenzel, and has made a major contribution to the technical advancement and aesthetic evolution and refinement of modern bridge design in Austria, and around the world. And since the formation in 1980 of VCE that contribution has expanded to an international level.